About: Team and Credits

Project Team

Prof. Dr. Robert Gillenkirch, University of Osnabrueck - Project Supervisor
Achim Hendriks, University of Osnabrueck - Project Lead
Sebastian Robert, University of Osnabrueck


We would also like to thank all former team members as well as SoPHIE users for their ideas and extensive feedback. Special thanks go to Philipp Mamat for his work as a research assistant at the University of Osnabrueck as well as to Sebastian Robert, Alexander Bosse and Patrick Winter for their work as student assistents at the University of Osnabrueck.

Software used to build SoPHIE

SoPHIE is built upon the popular Zend Framework extended by components from the Symbic Framework. But several other components were used to implement SoPHIE and we gratefully thank the authors, contributors and producers of these software components, who generously shared their work with the internet community. For a full list of the used components please have a look at the licence section of your SoPHIE installation.

Upcoming Events

Introduction and Advanced Level Workshop by SoPHIE Labs in October 2014
SoPHIE Labs Workshops

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