Documentation: Changelog

SoPHIE 3.0.3 released on 2014-08-14

Upgrade Webinstaller to fix bugs
Upgrade Sysadmin module to allow web-based mail configuration
Repaired SoPHIE Object Trash
Extended application initalization to support precise memcache settings
Detect HTTPS Connection behind reverse proxy

Link to Backend in Frontend Themes broken

[Session Administration]
Repaired and improved everywhere context timer display
Remove Treatment Caching and Debug Console from Edit Session
Session overview: resize tab container to fill the window

[Step Types]
Fixed timer issue for show mainContent on startup

"Delete all Variables" functionality broken
Improve Preview for Steps with Timer
Edit Treatment Custom Screens: can not unset "Use Custom Screens" + Toggle screen input fields
Treatment designer: resize tab container to fill the window

SoPHIE 3.0.2 released on 2014-07-28

Delete Step functionality broken

[Session Administration]
Show clear log button if log not empty

Participant API: setStep's 2nd arg. (stepgroupLoop) now defaults to %current% for steps within the same stepgroup, 1 otherwise

SoPHIE 3.0.1 released on 2014-07-17

Variable List: Delete and Edit Rowlink broken
Add Variables with Multi-Line Values

[Session Administration]
Naming Convetion Error in Participant Code Printing

[Step Types]
Bug in Abstract Sync

SoPHIE 3.0.0 released on 2014-07-07

Activate / Deactivate a single Step
Add annotations to apis
Add option to use alternative session backend
Add unsupported version check when importing treatment files
Extend Group API to fetch group for a participant in a specific context
Extend process API to allow access to procedure elements
Extend process model
Hook ACL Tables to user/usergroup management in sfwsysadmin
Implement GOTO in Process Engine
Implement run conditions for stepgroups
Infinite Stepgroup Loops
Log API loading error
New API to get step's duration
Sanitizer Error message for exit() call
Sophie_Db_Session_Variable->fetchAllByNameAndContext: allow strings for $name parameter
Timer Grace Period (timer blur)
Update Licence Infos

Add Stepgroup: Grouping option not saved
Drag and Drop Reorder procedure
Fix Open-Base-Dir Problem with Asset Upload
Implement CodeMirror FullScreen
Implement custom report scripts defined per treatment
PHP Syntax Check for WYSIWYG Editor
Preview all steps for Treatment
Preview notice: Preview might not display the step correctly
Repair broken Javascript Helper for Add Treatment Variable Form
Set unique Step Label when Copying Step
Throw error when using groupApi->getGroupMembers in a non group context

Basic theme support for frontent
Cache step attributes
Process wait broken

[Session Administration]
Add an export of the variable log table
Add option to show or hide specific message types from the log panel
Add participants to sessions
Bug Edit Session broken
Code Labels PDF Label Types
Create session without sessiontype
Extension Hooks for Expadmin Details Interface
Fix Open-Base-Dir Problem with PHPExcel
Improve Session Logging
List / Add / Edit / Delete Groups
Option to deactivate checksum test when importing treatments
Payoff: Error if variable type is not numeric
Session Admin Timer Monitor for per Group and per Participant

[Step Types]
Button label "Next" instead of "Submit" in second quiz steptype stage
Button Labes Quiz Type

Automate external dependency for sfwinstaller and sfwdefault
Use Symbic Db Updater
Use Symbic Zend Modules
User Management / Add User: Generate Password does not work

SoPHIE 3.0.0 beta6 released on 2013-07-03

Option to use memcached as alternative cache backend
Reduced backend layout header height
Added "isPreview" flag to $context for preview rendering
SoPHIE Scripting APIs converted into modules
Added timer configuration to runtime attributes
Use and enforce the use of Step Labels
Allow running session without participants grouping

Run Database Updates from within the installer
Configure the Mailserver from within the installer
Reactivated deleting Users
Simplify user management
Implemented system trash
Show a system maintenance page while upgrading
Smart login link in user credentials email, auto fill user login by link

Import Treatment: Disable Checksum Check on Request
Admin Access Rights to Experiments
Step Preview reimplemented
Fixed CodeMirror line wrap problem
Delete all variables from treatment
Escape treatment log content
Show step note icon with hover
Regenerate group strucuture when editing participant types
Code Toolbar snippets improved for $variableApi

[Session Administration]
Filter session logs by message type
Hint for Code Label Formats (PDF export for envelope stickers)
Visual hint according to participants last contact
Log participant finished session
Render new line in admin sync comments
Split session log in readable message and details data field

Use Ajax State Polling in Sync Steps
Pass extra parameters on participant login
Do not show waiting screen when timer is not active

Implemented api factory
Implemented logging api

[Step Types]
Runtime attributes in Standard Steptypes
Add a steptype attributes definition
Allow HTML in quiz choice content
Admin Sync Script not saved
Form Abstract extentions for Enter Submit and Autofocus

SoPHIE 3.0.0 beta5 released on 2013-03-14

Use Loader instead of direct Inclusion for Steptype Loading
Configurable default route
Centralize setup of APIs
Inconsistent api resetting when cloning Sophie_Context
Use multiple steptype paths
Improved installer robustness on windows when open files can not be handled
Fallback page if mod_rewrite is disabled

[Step Types]
Add a configurable multi-field form steptype
Form Input Number: Float Precision not checked
Sync Steps: Transfer late / again arriving participants to next step

Backend Session Heartbeat
Implement a messaging system
Implement sytem user state
Init database upgrade script on clean installations
Hide User Group Selection when no Groups are available

[Session Administration]
Backend Session Heartbeat
Timer Status in Admin Monitor
Simplify login for debugging with multiple person
Fatal Errors in scripts are not logged to session
Improve detection of running admin process

Deactivate Logging for Treatments
Treatment Change Log
Line wrapping in codemirror
Ajax PHP Syntax Check

Configure showing backend and license link
Variabe API / Logging: Allow NULL

SoPHIE 3.0.0 beta4 released on 2012-11-01

Extend process API to allow access to procedure elements
Sanitizer Check: Hide disallowed functions in apis

[Step Types]
Extend steptype form config for multiselect types
Incorrect handling of number legend option in form scale steptype

Integrated webbased installer

SoPHIE 3.0.0 beta3 released on 2012-10-27

Extended request api
Extend participant api
Collect license information of all used libraries and other material
Simplify installation of simple svn changes
Secondary Payoff

Send server URL and admin contact with credential mail

Save information from VERSION file in treatment export
Replace Multi-Select Boxes
Improve Variable Context Selector
Add Steptype configuration option for timer: disable/force/optional
Move step to previous stepgroup does not work

[Step Types]
Implemented basic configurable multi-field form steptype

[Session Administration]
Monitor fails when manually setting participants to a disabled step
Add basic descriptives to tabular variable report
Add optional participant code to variable export
Separate Columned and List Formats for Variable Export to Tabular and List Pages

[Server Mgmt]
Sophie composer package

Create combinded and minimized JS and CSS

SoPHIE 3.0.0 beta2 released on 2012-07-27

Externalize Symbic Framework
Database Upgradescript
Participant API: repair / test special label %localPartner%
Complete Build Script
Clear Application Cache if DB connection fails

SoPHIE users are not in an alphabetical order
Password reset mail
Buttons in 'Steptype Management' have no mouseover context
Send user credentials by email

Log changes to steps
Write Log on clear of treatment log
Import Experiment / Treatment definition from url
Check definition file format on import
Run Condition for Participant Types not copied when copying step
Set <title>

[Session Administration]
Edit Participants by Type

SoPHIE 3.0.0 beta1 released on 2012-05-01

Search for content in steps
Experiment not listed when no treatment exists
Autocomplete incomplete grouping data
Import Treatment by File Upload
Show steptype selection as tree
Interface Redesign
Add default content for new treatments
Enforce continouse numbers for groups
Enforce usage of labels for step groups, participants, participant types and participant groups
Code Mirror: save function / form submit errorprone

[Session Administration]
Mnemonic codes
Do not allow access to deleted and / or archived sessions
Export Payofflist to Excel
Implement Payoff Calculation for Setting payoffVarSum
Hint: about:config for Firefox
Opening test windows selectively

php error handler
preAjaxProcess: ensure timer is running
Variable Logging

[Step Types]
Generic PHP Step
Implement function setDefaultValues for existing steptypes

Make updating Application Config easier
Show error on db failure when php display errors is off
Error handling in eval()
Use labels througout API calls
Global layout

Forward to default page if already logged in
User Access Management for Experiments and Sessions

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