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SoPHIE is a generic platform for computerized experiments in the social sciences. It is completely web-based and provides the flexibility to use the broad variety of web technologies that are integrated in modern web browsers. Researchers can use ready-made building blocks for simple experiments but can also extend SoPHIE using the integrated scripting language PHP. SoPHIE is well suited to run internet experiments but can also be used for traditional lab experiments.

To get started you need to choose a deployment method for SoPHIE. You can either install it on your local computer, use a centralized installation for your institution or use a professional hosting service. For more information on setting up your own local SoPHIE installation please visit the documentation section.

For a quick and effortless start, we recommend using the free hosted trail accounts offered by our partner SoPHIE Labs. For more information please visit the SoPHIE Labs website


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