We believe that the availability of support is an essential part to the ecosystem of a successful software. SoPHIE – being a non-commercial project – is maintained at the University of Osnabrueck and is provided to researchers as cite-ware without charge. Community support is available through a mailing list and we would like to encourage users to become an active part of SoPHIE's community. For extended individual support and professional services we have initiated a partnership with SoPHIE Labs a professional service provider.

Community Support

We use a mailing list to bring our users together. Feel free to post questions and problems to the mailing list. Always remember that members of the mailing list provide support voluntarily and that their time is as valuable as yours. Requests should therefore always contain a specific description of the problem you are dealing with to avoid unnecessary communication.

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Training for Lab Managers and Researchers

Since 2012 we are hosting a recuring SoPHIE workshop at the University of Osnabrueck. The workshop is intended to help researchers get started using SoPHIE quickly and thus focuses on implementing experimens with SoPHIE. The next two day workshop will be held in spring of 2014. For details about the contents and the schedule please look at the PDF below.

Professional Support (provided by partners)

SoPHIE Labs    

SoPHIE Labs provides add-ons (MTurk, markets, etc.), support, customization and trainings for SoPHIE. For more information please visit the SoPHIE Labs Website.

Upcoming Events

2013-09-11: Compact Workshop, Osnabrück, Germany
Workshop Program

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