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User Administration



Create a user account

Once you've installed SoPHIE open the webinterface in a browser (e.g., http://localhost/login for an installation using XAMPP) to login as admin. Use the System module to create a new user via User Management > Add user and assign a specific role.

Design your first Experiment

Choose the Designer to implement your first experiment. Click on Create new Experiment and complete the form. Add a new Treatment and you will get to the Treatment overview screen which allows you to structure the procedure of your experiment. Experiments will be divided into different Stepgroups which contain Steps of a certain Steptype. The tutorial of implementing a simple Ultimatum Game will help you to understand the process of designing an experiment with SoPHIE.

Conduct your first Session

If you've finished the implementation of your experiment you can conduct your first Session. Use the Session Administrator to create a new Session (make sure that you've already created a Session Type at Home > Experiment > Treatment > Session Types). You can now select a Session Type for an Experiment and Treatment from the left tree and create a Session by clicking Add Session now. Complete the forms and you will get to the Session overview Screen. To start a Session you need to:

  1. Hand out the Participant Codes (Reports > Show Codelist) so the Participants can login on http://yourServer/
  2. Click on Set running to change the Session state to running
  3. Click ''Start Admin Process' to start the Admin Process
  4. Now the Session starts and the Participants will be transfered from Step to Step.
  5. You can follow the procedure of the Session on the Monitor tab
  6. After the end of the Session click Set finished to set the Session state to finished


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