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This page explains how to install and run SoPHIE.


To run SoPHIE you will need a Webserver, PHP version 5.3 or higher and a MySQL database. At the moment SoPHIE can not be installed into a subdirecory, you will therefore either need a dedicated Virtual Host or a Subdomain routed to the SoPHIE document root.

1. Webserver Installation

To install your Webserver with MySQL follow one of the following guides depending on your operating system.

2. Download and install Sophie

and unpack the archive to your webservers document root
(Skip this step if you followed our webserver installation guides)

3. System Configuration

If you correctly configured your webserver and set up a database for use, you will already be able to access the SoPHIE installer webinterface interface through a webbrowser!

  • It is recommended to use the simplified installer webinterface and to simply follow the steps provided by the installer.
  • Alternatively you can modify the SoPHIE system configuration located in application\configs\application_template.xml by hand. But than you also will have to install the database schema and create an admin user by hand. The required SQL Dump files are located in the contrib folder of the SoPHIE package.

4. Login to SoPHIE

Login to the SoPHIE webinterface by visiting the path /login on your SoPHIE Server and use the admin credentials you specified during the installation process. For an installation on localhost this will be http://localhost/login.

5. SoPHIE Configuration II

  1. In the SoPHIE webinterface switch to System > Steptype Management, click Refresh Steptype Packages and choose Scan for new and updated Steptypes to receive new and updated Steptypes.
  2. You've now finished the SoPHIE installation process! Optionally, you can now add new users under System > User Management and start working with SoPHIE.

6. Getting Started

See Getting Started to learn how to design your first experiment!

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Page last modified on October 01, 2014, at 10:49 AM