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Steptypes are the main components to design and control the procedure of the experiment.

SoPHIE - Form

  • Form Choice: Provides a form with a set of options the participants can choose from
  • Form Input Number: Provides a textfield that accepts a number. Adjustments can be made regarding:
    • Number Type
    • Range
    • Divisability
    • Float Precision
    • Variable Context
  • Form Input Text: Provides a textfield for participant input
  • Form Input Textarea: Provides a textarea for participant input
  • Form Scale: Provides a simple scale made of radio buttons. Adjustments can be made regarding:
    • Start
    • End
    • Stepsize
  • Form Scale Multi: Similar to the normal Scale Steptype you can create multiple Scales using this Steptype.

SoPHIE - Generic

  • Generic PHP: The Generic Steptype allows you to implement your own Steps by using PHP. Therefore, a variety of different and individually adjustable Steps can be created.
    • Content field: Create a form in this field with all desired options
    • Process Script: Script that will be executed to process the form

SoPHIE - Presentation

  • Info: The Info Steptype allows you to inform participants with a notice. It is e.g. possible to use PHP-code to echo participant variables with this Step.

SoPHIE - Questionnaire

  • Questionnaire: A simple questionnare which can be used subsequently to the experiment to obtain information about the participants. Available questions:
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Course of Studies

SoPHIE - Quiz

  • Quiz Choice: A quiz where you can ask a question and provide a couple of answers including one correct answer. The participants can pick one answer and get to a screen where they get a response on correct, incorrect or empty answer.
  • Quiz Input (1): Quiz requiring one input box filled in correctly.
  • Quiz Input (2): Quiz requiring two input boxes filled in correctly.

SoPHIE - Sync

  • Sync Admin: Provides a button for the admin to continue the experiment manually after all participants have reached this Step
  • Sync Everyone: Makes sure that every participant has reached this step.
  • Sync Group: Makes sure that every group member has reached this step.
  • Sync Participant: Synchronizes on the participant himself - used to perform code and then continue the experiment
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